Do you want to study in Germany?

To study at any German University, you will need a "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" - or "University entrance qualification". This is a school-leaving certificate which qualifies you for university study.
If your secondary-school certificate is deemed insufficient for studying in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course ("StudienKolleg") before you are allowed to be enrolled in German Universities.

The Requirements

Requirements by Study System:

In the following taps, you will find information about the requirements according to different International Education Systems which are being used in different High Schools around the world, in case your school uses one of these systems, you may find the requirements according to your education systems, otherwise in case your school doesn't uses any of these system, please check the next tabs which provide information about requirements by National Educational Systems.

American System (SAT)

According to German Universities Requirements for the American System (SAT) the condition is the following:

A student should provide a score of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CumGPA) of at least 3.0 of your high school diploma, this qualifies you for the general admission to a preparatory course (StudienKolleg).

A total of 1,300 points must be proven in both "Mathematics" and "Critical Reading" in order to qualify the student for direct general admission. This is the sum of points scored in the parts "Math" and "Critical Reading" ONLY, without the score of "Writing" part.

This allow the student to apply directly to any German higher education institute for academic studies in any subject area. In this case the only needed requirement to study in Germany is German Language Courses and Passing DSH-II exam.

Cambridge International AS & A level Recognition

The general requirements for Cambridge International AS & A levels are as follows:

A total of 4 Cambridge International AS & A level subjects, three of which must be at full A level standard.

This means:

1. Three Cambridge International A Levels.

2. One Cambridge International AS Level.

The Choice of four subjects must include:

1. 2 A-levels: For technical, mathematical or natural science studies, an A level in mathematics and a natural science (biology, chemistry or physics) are required.

2. A or AS-level - One Language at minimum AS level: one language minimum AS level is a general entrance requirement for study at Bachelor (or undergraduate) degree level; an AS or A level in literature will not be accepted in lieu.

3. A or AS-level: One other science subject (biology, chemistry or physics).

For more information Click Here.

* The international school certificate from Egypt and Saudi Arabia is not acceptable in germany anymore except certain conditions

International Baccalaureate

  • Your Schooling must comprise 12 consecutive school years.
  • You have to fullfil the curricular requirements set out by the Standing conference of the ministers of Education and Cultural affairs of the federal states in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz) Which are:
    • 6 subjects are required (No Studienkolleg, only language)
    • 2 Languages (language A: Language and literature OR literature; Language B: HL)
    • 1 subject - biology, chemistry or physics.
    • Mathematics (Math. methods SL, or math HL or further maths with math HL).
    • 1 subject (history, Geography or economics).
    • 1 subject of free choice.
    • 3 subjects of HL (High level).
    • All subjects must be studied for 2 years.
    • Minimum of 24 points (min. grade 4.0)
  • For more information, you may Contact us or you may check the following link:
  • Note: Students holding IB Diploma do not have to do foundation courses. They only have to pass the German Language Test (DSH-II) to qualify for the university.

National Curriculum

If you have done National Curriculum you may check out the needed grade to be able to apply for Study in German Universities:

Country Overall High School Result Study Section Studienkolleg Required
Egypt* 60% (1994) Industrial Required
India* 50% Pre-University Exam Required
50% High School Cert. Required
Jordan* 50% Scintific Required
Kuwait** 50% Scietific Required
Lebanon 50%-60% Math, Scientific Required
>60% Math, Scientific NOT Required
Mexico* 50% Bachillerato Tecnol., Math Required
Morocco >60% Scientific Required
Pakistan** 50% Scientific Required
Palestine Gaza* 50%-59% Scientific Required
>60% Scientific NOT Required
Palestine West Bank* 50%-64% Scientific Required
>64% Scientific NOT Required
Qatar* 50% Scientific Required
Saudi Arabia* 50% Scientific Required
Sudan* 50% Scientific Required
Syria 60%-70% Scientific Required
>70% Scientific NOT Required
UAE* 50% Scientific Required
Yeman* 50% Scientific Required

  • * : in case you have done 1 successful year in University, the studienkolleg is not Required.
  • **: in case you have done 2 successful years in University, the studienkolleg is not Requitred.
  • For Students from China and other countries: please check or contact MDWi AG.

Deadlines for Applying:

  • For Classes Starting in October: 15th May - 15th August.
  • For Classes Starting in April: 15th November - 15th February.

For students who are from Egypt and Saudi Arabia :

The international school certificate is not acceptable in germany anymore except certain conditions

For students who have German Knowledge:

* For TestDaf Holding Students: If a student has a grade of '4' (German scale) in all disciplines of this German language test, then this student will be exempted from the German exam, but still have to do StudienKolleg T-courses

* For DSH Holding Students: if a student has already DSH-2 certificate, then MDWi AG has the right to decide about the acceptance towards Studienkolleg.

* Students who already have knowledge of German language (any Certificates), but do not have the above mentioned certificates (TestDaf and DSH) will be subject to an internal language test at the MDWI AG. The results of the test will determine in which current group the student will be placed.

* Students who have started education at MDWI Studienkolleg are not allowed to take any language courses outside of MDWI during the entire study period. Any external language certificates that will be attained during studies at MDWI will not be accepted or approved.

How to apply:

  1. Contact MDWi Office in Germany.
  2. The following documents are required:
    1. Fill Application Form (in original with signature) Click here
      click here for Bachlor study programs Study language is German.
      click here for Master study programs.
    2. Passport Copy.
    3. Two Biometric Photos.
    4. Official certified copy of the secondary school leaving certificate (high school diploma), Official translation is necessary.
    5. Grades reports (grade 9, 10, 11 and 12)
    6. Curriculum Vitae - CV - should be academic.
    7. Level A1 at least in German language
    8. Personal motivation letter why you chose your field of studies and why you want to pursue your education in Germany.
    9. Signed Contract with MDWi AG.
  3. A registration payment as stated in the contract (point 8 above).
  4. in addition to the previous requirements and if you want to study Master then you have to add also the following requirements: Official certified copy of the bachelor certificate and official certified transcript. Recommendation letter
  5. Please send all your documents together in one envelope with Express Mail (wait until your high school diploma is given to you) to the following address:
    MDWi AG
    Gareisstrasse 16
    39106 Magdeburg
    The documents will ONLY be processed when originally signed and complete.
  6. After sending the documents, it will be time for the first payment. At the same time, make sure to pay towards a blocked account if you have been notified by MDWi has opened one for you.
  7. At this time, the application will be processed in Germany. At every stage, you will be notified and it would be the best time to get an appointment for the German Embassy in your country.
  8. If you have been accepted in the university, you will be accepted to MDWi Language Institute, those documents will be sent to you ASAP.
  9. The Acceptance letter from the university, acceptance letter from language institute, your motivation letter and documents that you need for the embassy - you need to go to the embassy to get a VISA. Do not forget about your financial proof (blocked account).
  10. Please make sure to keep in touch with our office throughout your application process.